Uses for your Beeswax Wraps

Cover small leftovers
An avocado doesn’t last long in our house, however if you intend on only using half and saving the other half for later, a small wrap is a perfect size. Small pieces of cut fruit and vegetables such as apples, onions, ginger, tomatoes, lemons and limes will keep fresh for longer and stop them from drying out or going brown. The wrap, being tacky,, with the warmth of your hands will cling and create a great seal.
Store soap
When I go camping and take soap in a plastic container it’s inevitable that a little water finds itself in the bottom of your container and the soap ends up slimy. Instead, wrap your cake of soap in a small or medium wrap. It’s water tight and easy to store in your bag and your soap won’t be slimy. When you get home just unwrap,lightly wash and store for other uses.
Wrap a bunch of flowers
It’s always beautiful to receive flowers however it’s disappointing to have them wrapped in cellophane which usually is thrown into the bin to end up in landfill. Next time you give the gift of flowers,why not wrap them in a large beeswax wrap? When the flowers have died, the wrap may be used over and over again. Two gifts in one.
Open jars
Do you ever find that a jar of olives or jam just that bit hard to open? Not feeling super strong? Reach to your drawer and pull out a beeswax wrap. The wrap will grip well to the lid and make it so much easier to open.
Store pens or lipsticks together in your handbag
I know my handbag is a haven for a myriad of objects. Inevitably there is a need for a pen,however when diving down into your bag the pen can be elusive. Wrap a few pens in a wrap. Or your lipsticks. Whatever you use regularly but can’t find.
Protect food and drinks from insects and flies
With summer’s arrival, I know we have a lot of barbecues. With barbecues come flies. Those little insects which love getting into your drinks and food and dare I say glass of wine. Not only can you replace the cling wrap with beeswax wraps when covering salads and meat
, Why not provide a small wrap for everyone for them to individually cover their plate of nibbles or drink so they are not forever swishing them away?
Cover cheese
When entertaining and a platter of cheeses are half eaten, your small bowl of anti pasta and olives are half eaten or bread or crackers require saving, cover or wrap leftovers in a stylish beeswax wrap.
Wrap Christmas Presents
With Christmas just around the corner, presents under the tree will look fabulous wrapped in a Christmas design wrap and twine. The person receiving the gift will receive two presents in one.
Decorate The Christmas Table
Cover your nibbles of nuts and Lollies with a festive design print and place on your table.
Children are our future,so encouraging them to follow good environmental habits at a young age is so important. Saleview Estate Wraps come in a lunch box pack with 2 medium and 2 small. A great little pack of fun colours to wrap your child’s sandwhich and snacks for their lunch. Not only will they look colourful and enticing in their lunch box but they will look like little surprises and parcels to open at lunchtime. Always reinforce young ones to fold and put in their lunch box when finished instead of throwing away. As an extension, allow them to see you unpack their bag at the end of the day and wash the wraps to be reused.
Line shelves
Line you refrigerator shelves with colourful beeswax wraps. Next time you clean your fridge just remove the wrap, wash and replace. Drips and spills will collect on the wrap and make it easier to clean.
Cover Bowls
Why not add a little style and colour to your table and present bowls and platters covered in our stylish beeswax wraps.


Make straws


To reduce your use of plastic straws use a small beeswax wrap and tightly roll over a kitchen skewer. Remove the skewer and sip away. You may wish to cut the wrap in half to make the diameter smaller for little mouths. When finished just unroll and wash as usual.