Where to buy raw honey?

Look no further than Saleview Estate’s easy online store


So, you want to buy raw honey? Something that tastes intense and smells delicious. Something that’s 100% natural without any additional syrups or additives. 

Sure you can go to your local supermarket and grab a tub off the shelf. But if you’re after the real deal, something direct from the hive and bottled with love, you’ve come to the right place.

Buy raw honey direct from Saleview Estate

At Saleview Estate we value the simple things in life—nature, family, good food and slow living. But simple doesn't need to be plain. Our honey products are luxurious, decadent, and aimed to inject high-end style into your life. 

We produce high-end honey. We’re the only raw honey company in Australia offering luxury produce to lovers of high-end consumables. And stylish beeswax reusable wraps for environmentally conscious families. 

You’re buying 100% pure bush honey without added synthetic sugars

Saleview Estate’s honey is 100% raw honey. No additives or heat treatments, just mother nature’s all-natural food straight from the hive. 

Our natural Australian product has optimum taste and the beautiful imperfections of anything that comes straight from nature. That means you’ll know it’s fresh as it crystallises within a few months of being harvested from the hive.

We harvest our delicious honey from September onward, so in-season honey can be purchased quickly through our online store or from any of our stockists in your local area.

You’re not just buying raw honey. You’re buying an experience

afforadable-raw-honey.jpgWhen you buy Saleview Estate products you’re opting for great customer service and having your honey products lovingly shipped right to your doorstep. Practicalities aside, you’re also reconnecting with your senses, indulging in one of nature’s sweet medicinal nectars, and experiencing the luxury of natural sweetness.


Buy raw honey to support the ‘slow living’ movement

When you buy raw honey from us, you’re also contributing to the ‘slow living’ movement. By buying your honey in a glass jar you’re reducing the amount of plastic and waste products you use around your home, which helps our environment.

We lovingly refill our bottles by sending out a soft postal package of honey for a small additional fee that you can easily pour into your glass jar. 

 Buy raw honey from Saleview Estate’s online shop

When you buy raw honey from Saleview Estate’s safe online shop you’ll be excited to know pure honey is on its way, just in time for your next dinner party. Whether you drizzle it on your toast, share it with your close friends or use it as a sweetener in your Earl Grey tea, it’s a moment of pleasure on your lips that doesn’t go to your hips.

The best quality, high-end produce

If you’re after the best quality, high-end produce to offer your family and friends, you can trust that the raw honey you buy from Saleview Estate is 100% pure and natural. Rest easy knowing the honey that looks great on your kitchen counter is equally great for your body. 

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