About the Saleview Estate honey farm

Extracted, coarsely strained + bottled with love in the Darling Downs

I ran a learn to swim business for nearly two decades in various regional communities across Queensland. (Think Port Douglas, Longreach, Gold Coast, Thursday Island and the like).

When I found myself an empty nester, I realised I could either live my days out ‘mostly’ enjoying my lifestyle and ignoring the feeling that something was missing, or I could challenge myself and do something completely new.

As one of the newer members to the Dalby community I suddenly found myself without children to look after, without a project and little direction.

But then I had an idea.

We lived on a property with 2 beehives. There was plenty of room to keep more.

Why not set myself up as a beekeeper and run a honey farm?

My husband had just started his beekeeping hobby, and I watched in awe as he harvested the golden sweet liquid, so I thought “Hey, why not me?”. There were plenty of tourists visiting Dalby every weekend ­– a beautiful mobile honey shop selling delicious good would be a beautiful local product they could take home with them.

So I outsourced a stylish logo and package design, coarsely strained and filled a few gorgeous glass jars with my freshly harvested honey, and waited for the orders to flood in. There was just one problem, or rather about a thousand of them (or so it seemed).

I didn’t have a way for people to find me. I didn’t have a website. I’d never run an online business before so I didn’t understand the technical side of how to start it, let alone run it.

How could I: 

  •       Set up a website, create an online shop and get willing customers to visit my site AND buy my products?
  •       Get my unique honey farm goods on the shelves of deli’s, cafe’s and other department stores?
  •       Spread my new found love of sustainability and slow living to more people?

The only way to boost my business was to get out of my comfort zone and take the bull by the horns. So I did.

Saleview Estate had its first online sale, secured a stockist, got re-orders, and was featured in “High Life” magazine, all in the first year. I’ve recently added a Vintage Honey Cart to the mix to display our products at local food and wine festivals and the next stop is David Jones. (Mr. Jones if you’re reading this, get in touch. 

And I did it all:

  • With little budget and no outside help
  • While doing shift work at the local boarding school campus
  • As a woman going through personal challenges, with a dog to walk, a house to clean, meals to cook and a husband to occasionally grunt at

And I realised that if I can reinvent my life after living for my kids, so can anyone else.

Since then I’ve created a post pouch which keeps the integrity of the honey while travelling safely in the mail, and expanded the range to offer sustainable and stylish beeswax wraps. I’ve thrown away plastic bags, survived bee-stings, digital headaches, Instagram changes, and more.

Which means I believe in the quality of my products. So let’s get you using them too.