Pure + raw honey

Raw bush honey. Proudly Australian

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Reconnect with your senses and indulge in one of nature’s sweet nectars. 

Experience luxurious natural sweetness when your mouth meets our high-end raw honey. 

Our Saleview Estate pure and raw honey will instantly add sweetness to your palette. 

Saleview Estate honey is 100% pure bush honey, farmed, filtered and bottled with love by our resident beekeeper. 

Perfect for foodies who want to impress dinner guests our honey is simple pure decadence. Enough to get you out of bed on a cold morning, it’s nature’s sweetener, without additives, sugar syrup and other teeth rotting properties you may find in some of the supermarket brands. 

Learn more about Saleview Estate’s honey:

  • Natural bush honey harvested by hand in Dalby, Queensland 
  • Coarsely strained to remove small impurities so you get the smoothest raw honey, every time 
  • Contain no added sugar syrups so you can relax knowing your teeth aren’t being compromised by synthetic sweeteners

Product details:

  • 450g or 1kg bottles
  • Honey pouch perfect for travelling in the post
  • Handmade in Dalby, Australia

Question: Are there any chemicals added to the honey?

Answer: Nope! Our honey is 100% natural and pure. I filter it straight from the hives and 

bottle it on site. It doesn’t pass through anyone elses hands, and is 100% harvested with genuine care.


Question: Doesn’t it cost a lot to send the bottle in the mail?

Answer: It does. That’s why I’ve invented a postage pouch which is filled with our liquid gold. 

It travels from the countryside in Dalby to anywhere in the world and arrives in perfect condition right to your letter box. 

Tip: Saleview Estate honey is a luxurious addition to your winter tea. Dribble it across your crunchy bakery bread, your warm porridge or simply indulge in a spoonful when you need a natural energy boost.


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So if you’re after a decadent bottle of liquid gold for your next gift hamper, or a stylish bottle to display on your kitchen bench, grab a bottle of Saleview Estate’s pure and raw honey now.